What is C-Suite Marketing? [SlideShare]

It can sometimes feel like a real struggle to target senior decision makers and generate leads. Leads that are worth 6 or maybe even 7 figures worth of sales pipeline. Attracting, nurturing and closing them can seem like an arduous task.

C-Suite Marketing is by far the most challenging facet of B2B marketing, but it’s something we’ve managed to put down to a fine art.

In the SlideShare below, we want to show you what the key principles of this art look like. When done properly, this methodology can help you connect with senior decision makers and generate some incredibly high-value leads.

Some Tweetable insights you can share:

1) The c-suite rarely engages with vendors, only independent brands. (Tweet this insight)

2) To connect with the c-suite, focus solely on the value and content. (Tweet this insight)

3) The c-suite doesn’t buy over social media or email; factor in face-to-face. (Tweet this insight)

4) Bring something new & challenging to the table to connect with the c-suite. (Tweet this insight)

5) Make your messaging relevant to the c-suite for better relationships. (Tweet this insight)

6) Bring your target c-suite leads in to a face-to-face setting in order to reach Intimacy. (Tweet this insight)

7) Fragmented funnels with several contacts will fail when selling to the c-suite. (Tweet this insight)

The Definitive Guide to C-Suite Marketing
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