Create Better Content Using the “Challenger Sale” Philosophy

The term “content is king” was a term we used to hear all the time. Now it’s a bit of a joker.
There’s so much content out there that the whole business blogging scene has become incredibly noisy and saturated.

For awhile, content based on thought leadership was most effective when generating traffic, guiding visitors through the funnel and nurturing leads. Today, however, most people – especially the c-suite – have grown immune to it.

You may have heard of a book called The Challenger Sale, which shows how the most effective salespeople disrupt and push a customers’ belief by teaching them new insights and take control of the sales cycle by using the credibility gained within this insight.

It’s actually possible to use this same model and use it on your content. There’s a reason that infographics are so popular – they use market data and statistics to provide a commercial insight. This is where the sweet spot is.

Creating content based on commercial insight, rather than thought leadership and insight alone, gives you a perspective that’s backed up and defended by data. Not only that, but it impacts your audience’s results and focuses on their abilities.

What you can do from here is illustrate the dangers and issues facing your audience’s business and then provide them with a solution.

If you can create content that exposes your audiences belief’s, backed up with data, then your content is much more likely to elicit an emotional response from them.

The Definitive Guide to C-Suite Marketing
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