Generate 7 Figure Sales With C-Suite Marketing

Seraph Science solves the biggest B2B marketing challenge: getting in front of senior decision makers.

  • Get into a room with targeted C-Suite executives
  • Deliver value upfront and build credibility fast
  • Secure 6 to 7 figure sales pipeline from each lead

£2 Million of New Sales Opportunities in 6 to 8 Weeks

For many, getting in front of senior decision makers is the easy part. However, if they have no interest in what you have to say or what you do then it’s wasted time, effort and marketing budget. So we only give you access to C-Suite executives who meet your target profile and have a business issue that you can fix.


It all starts with a simple, no pressure conversation over the phone. We uncover exactly what your true business goals are and simply teach you how the Seraph Science solution can generate leads, land deals worth millions of pounds and increase your overall sales & marketing ROI.

How a Cloud ERP Company Generated 6 Figure Pipeline in 8 Weeks

NetSuite is a unified, business management suite, integrating the power of CRM, Ecommerce and ERP all under one database. Their most challenging goal comes in the form of maintaining and increasing the level of growth they’ve already achieved and to target new verticals they’ve not yet entered.


The first dinner was held on 19th November 2013 and generated a 6 figure pipeline for their sales team to follow up with. These were senior decision makers that sales would not usually have the opportunity to engage with.

"Seraph Science's methodology helps us with one of our biggest business challenges; engaging with senior decision makers. Their work has been pivotal in putting our sales guys in touch with people they usually wouldn't engage with, and the results speak for themselves."

Darren Upson, Marketing Director

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C-Suite Solutions For Every Sales & Marketing Challenge

Our solution helps with high level marketing, sales and business development challenges.



Seraph Science can generate targeted leads from the C-Suite for your organisation. We deliver warm, nurtured senior decision maker prospects who are ready to learn more about you.




Securing qualified sales pipeline is a big challenge, but what would it mean for you and your organisation if you landed 6 to 7 figure deals from senior decision makers?




Partnerships are the cornerstone of all successful business development efforts. If you could get any prospective partner in the room, who would that be? Our solution gets you the door with the most lucrative opportunities.


The Seraph Science Process

The Seraph Science solution follows a set process. From start to finish we take care of everything:

Precision Targeting

We use a multi-channel approach, using a single point of contact, to build strategic relationships with C-Suite executives. Our methodology builds credibility and trust faster than standard sales cycles.

Club Creation

Credibility and trust can only be built by delivering value in a form that confirms or challenges what the C-Suite already knows. They don’t want to be friends with you, they want to know what you can bring to the table. Aligning your message with their challenges in an independent setting is the quickest and most successful way to do this.

C-Suite Leads Delivered

The process ends with the right C-Suite executive leads who are most likely to buy your solution. In 8 weeks you’ll be in a room with these senior decision makers, and 2 weeks after that you’ll have sales-qualified, high value pipeline.