Fully integrated, virtual event program

Engage senior executives via curated and focused virtual meetings

Whilst 64% of all B2B deals are signed off at a C-Suite level, they don’t tend to hang out on digital channels. Central to overcoming this problem is ‘humanising’ the experience. This involves a combination of bespoke research, in-depth phone interviews and an industry report to build engagement before the virtual meeting takes place.

“Humanising the virtual experience to deepen engagement with CxOs”

  • Fully integrated program
  • 11-weeks start to finish¬†
  • Managed end-to-end including:¬†
  • Virtual meeting
  • Industry report
  • Sales appointments

Arrange a call with one of our Executive team to understand more about our approach to virtual roundtables. What’s unique about Seraph is the science behind our methodology. It’s been proven across more than 300 projects and nearly 10,000 interviews with the C-Suite. We bring insight, collaboration and results to all our client engagements. Schedule some time with us now.