The science of C-Suite engagement

Seraph helps us with one of our biggest challenges; engaging CxOs. Their work has been pivotal in giving us access to senior execs”


Darren Upson, EMEA Marketing Director, Oracle NetSuite


CxOs spend <2% of their time with tech vendors”

Getting the attention of senior decision makers is one of the biggest challenges B2B marketers and salespeople face. According to a Harvard business review, C-Suite executives spend only 2% of their time with vendors each week. That’s around 30-minutes a week. We get you around this challenge via our unique and effective approach to c-suite marketing.



We're not a one-size-fits-all solution. We want to give you value upfront before you do business with us, so it all starts with a consultation to understand your marketing goals.

Tailored Plan

From here, we provide you with the best C-Suite Marketing approach. We create a custom plan outlining target executives, messaging and club branding.


You sign-off on the plan and we get to work. We create everything from the messaging, club branding and executive bios all the way to appointment setting.

Seraph helps us improve traction and ROI with a very difficult to reach audience; CEOs. We have seen better lead quality, quantity and conversion across more than 20 projects to date”


Geoff Lawrence, Managing Director, Vistage