Insights, not echo chambers

Build a strategy based on insight and credibility


Shouldn’t a strategic audience be

approached with an informed opinion?

All too often senior decision making audiences are engaged in a tactical way. A campaign here, an event there. It’s akin to a doctor heading into town and asking if anybody is sick. The need for your product or service ebbs and flows. Requirements appear and disappear. So if you want to engage this audience, you need to start down the path to a more strategic engagement. One that doesn’t feel like a hit and run. We understand the science of the C-Suite and build private communities for Tech firms that lead to authentic, reciprocal relationships at scale.

“The likelihood of a purchase decision is now <30%. If you win one in four deals, your closure rate is actually 7-8%

State of the Connected Customer Report, Salesforce 2020



C-Suite wants authentic engagement. Not hit and run marketing tactics


Impact of COVID-19. And the desire for belonging and connectedness in 2021


Waning effectiveness of marketing. Commonality of tactics lowers returns


Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies wanted to build multiple CxO communities, but they didn’t have the skills-at-scale to do this. Working with the EMEA Marketing team we developed a blueprint for creating ‘Connected Circles’. Providing the blueprint and also a set of best practices with a content library, each region could build their own community.