Authenticity, not campaigns

A strategic approach that delivers a long term, defensible position


Shouldn’t a strategic audience be engaged in a strategic way?

All too often senior decision making audiences are engaged in a tactical way. A campaign here, an event there. It’s akin to a doctor heading into town and asking if anybody is sick. The need for your product or service ebbs and flows. Requirements appear and disappear. So if you want to engage this audience, you need to start down the path to a more strategic engagement. One that doesn’t feel like a hit and run. We understand the science of the C-Suite and build private communities for Tech firms that lead to authentic, reciprocal relationships at scale.

“84% of executives say being treated like a person, not a number, is very important to winning their business”

State of the Connected Customer Report, Salesforce 2020



SAS Software wanted to engage board-level decision makers in their target accounts in order to secure sign-off for significant investments. We created the Boardroom Club to achieve this goal, designed to engage CXOs of the FTSE350. SAS Software is our first and oldest client having worked with us every quarter since April 2013.


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