We do three things. Consultancy; get the best results from your marketing. Programs; deliver an integrated and authentic approach. Projects; accelerate your short term plans and deliver ROI.

CXO Consultancy

Shouldn’t a strategic audience be approached with an informed opinion? Build a strategy based on insight and credibility.

CXO Programs

Shouldn’t a strategic audience be engaged in a strategic way? A strategic approach that delivers a long term, defensible position.

CXO Projects

Shouldn’t a strategic audience be engaged with strategic questions? An intelligent approach that’s proven and differentiated.

Want practical examples? Here are a handful of client engagements across Consultancy, Programs and Projects. 

Connected Circles [DELL]

When Dell Technologies wanted to build their own communities they came to Seraph Science for advice. By leveraging our expertise on CxO engagement strategy, communication and asset development, they were able to fast track their own community and ensure it was successful from the start.

Verizon : Digital Edge

Digital Edge explores the impact of digital on large-scale businesses. With creative, forward-thinking thought leadership at its core, the Club captures the opinion of hackers, headhunters and heads of Met crime units to help CIOs, CTOs and CISOs explore their next move. Partnered by Verizon Enterprise.

Pathfinder [Verizon] 

Pathfinder’s mission is to help executives find a new path and drive change within their business. The community meets every quarter to hear a compelling tory and find links to the business world. It is exclusively partnered with Verizon Business.

IT by Design [HP]

The IT by Design Club (ITxD) was created to provide a platform for CIOs of the FTSE350 to discuss edge and end-user computing. The Club has nearly 400 members across the UK and produces reports, video content as well as hosting dinners in London four times a year. The Club is partnered exclusively with HP Inc.

Change Makers [active]

Change Makers is a global network of 130,000 senior executives and the parent of all our Clubs. It’s long term goal is to drive meaningful, ethical change within our world by engaging the most powerful business executives. It covers 100+ topics a year.

1823 Group : Atlas Club

The Atlas Club has an unique mission – to help scale-up CEOs give back as their company grows. The Club’s partner, 1823 Group, has seen a 63% follow up rate and a 60% deal close rate, donating 50% of the profit they make from their clients’ telecoms to charity.