SAS : The Boardroom

The Boardroom’s mission is to change the face of board level decision making. Members are FTSE350 board members and their direct reports. The Club meets in London three times a year and is exclusively partnered with SAS Software, the world leader in analytics.

Verizon : Digital Edge

Digital Edge explores the impact of digital on large-scale businesses. With creative, forward-thinking thought leadership at its core, the Club captures the opinion of hackers, headhunters and heads of Met crime units to help CIOs, CTOs and CISOs explore their next move. Partnered by Verizon Enterprise.

HP : IT by Design

The IT by Design Club (ITxD) was created to provide a platform for CIOs of the FTSE350 to discuss edge and end-user computing. The Club has nearly 400 members across the UK and produces reports, video content as well as hosting dinners in London four times a year. The Club is partnered exclusively with HP Inc.

Dell : Connected Circle

When Dell Technologies wanted to build their own communities they came to Seraph Science for advice. By leveraging our expertise on CxO engagement strategy, communication and asset development, they were able to fast track their own community and ensure it was successful from the start.

Change Makers Club

Change Makers is a global network of 130,000 senior executives and the parent of all our Clubs. It’s long term goal is to drive meaningful, ethical change within our world by engaging the most powerful business executives. The Club does not have a partner.

1823 Group : Atlas Club

The Atlas Club has an unique mission – to help scale-up CEOs give back as their company grows. The Club’s partner, 1823 Group, has seen a 63% follow up rate and a 60% deal close rate, donating 50% of the profit they make from their clients’ telecoms to charity.

C-Suite Executives Spend Less Than 2% of Their Time With Vendors

Getting the attention of senior decision makers is one of the biggest challenges B2B marketers and salespeople face. According to a Harvard business review, C-Suite executives spend only 2% of their time with vendors each week. That’s around one hour a week. We get you around this challenge via our unique and effective approach to c-suite marketing.

The Definitive Guide to C-Suite Marketing 2.0

Getting time with senior decision makers in your target accounts is challenging. This free eBook shows you how we help our clients overcome this challenge to secure sales opportunities worth 6 to 7 figures.

The Definitive Guide to C-Suite Marketing takes 20 years of experience in selling to senior decision makers and lays it out in a clear roadmap.

In this free eBook, we’ll show you the key principles and psychology to consider when engaging with the C-Suite and securing sales pipeline with them.

You’ll learn the importance of building intimate relationships based on trust and how this can make or break your success, plus why the way you’re marketing and selling to the C-Suite is the complete opposite of how you should be.

Seraph Science’s unique c-suite methodology has helped us to improve traction and ROI amongst a very difficult-to-reach audience – CEOs. Not only have we seen a marked increase in both the quality and quantity of leads generated, but also a very strong conversion to revenue across over 20 projects to-date.



Geoff Lawrence, Marketing Director


Darren Upson, Marketing Director

Seraph Science’s methodology helps us with one of our biggest business challenges; engaging with senior decision makers. Their work has been pivotal in putting our sales guys in touch with people they usually wouldn’t engage with, and the results speak for themselves.



We're not a one-size-fits-all solution. We want to give you value upfront before you do business with us, so it all starts with a consultation to understand your marketing goals.

Tailored Plan

From here, we provide you with the best C-Suite Marketing approach. We create a custom plan outlining target executives, messaging and club branding.


You sign-off on the plan and we get to work. We create everything from the messaging, club branding and executive bios all the way to appointment setting.