Darren Upson, Marketing Director

Seraph Science’s methodology helps us with one of our biggest business challenges; engaging with senior decision makers. Their work has been pivotal in putting our sales guys in touch with people they usually wouldn’t engage with, and the results speak for themselves.


A Unique & Effective Approach

Track Record

Successfully deployed across hundreds of projects, dozens of sectors and almost every target audience.


Combines the actions of top performers with the psychology of senior decision makers.

Unique Insight

Leverages 20 years of c-suite engagement experience and input from over 6,000 sales & marketing professionals globally.

Industry Recognised

Chosen by B2BMarketing.net as the methodology for their highly acclaimed C-Suite Marketing accreditation program.

The Definitive Guide to C-Suite Marketing

Getting time with senior decision makers in your target accounts is challenging. This free eBook shows you how we help our clients overcome this challenge to secure sales opportunities worth 6 to 7 figures.

The Definitive Guide to C-Suite Marketing takes 20 years of experience in selling to senior decision makers and lays it out in a clear roadmap.


In this free eBook, we’ll show you the key principles and psychology to consider when engaging with the C-Suite and securing sales pipeline with them.


You’ll also learn the importance of building intimate relationships based on trust and how this can make or break your success, plus why the way you’re marketing and selling to the C-Suite is the complete opposite of how you should be.