How to Build Intimacy With the C-Suite [SlideShare]

We’ve spent years building our C-Suite Marketing methodology, and many people usually ask us “how” we do it. However, it’s the importance behind the psychology of this methodology that often gets ignored.

In this short SlideShare, we’ll teach you a big part of this psychology and how you can use it to increase the performance of your C-Suite Marketing efforts.

Once you understand the five stages to human relationships, and the importance of reaching the elusive fifth stage, you stand a much better chance of generating results with your C-Suite Marketing.

Some Tweetable insights you can share:

1) The C-Suite cares about what value you bring to the boardroom. (Tweet this insight)

2) C-Suite Executives don’t want to be friends with you, they want what you can bring to them professionally. (Tweet this insight)

3) You may have hundreds of friends, but only a handful you’d turn to for help. In business, it’s the same. (Tweet this insight)

4) When selling to the C-Suite, be challenging and surprising. (Tweet this insight)

5) Without credibility, your marketing message to the C-Suite will likely go unheard. (Tweet this insight)

The Definitive Guide to C-Suite Marketing
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