Why the C-Suite Gives a Stronger ROI

I like to begin many of my articles with harsh statements, so I’m just going to come out with it; most marketers focus too much on quantity instead of quality. The number of leads, traffic and activations we receive always seems to be more important than their individual potential for growth.

There are several problems with this. First of all, handing over a large quantity of weak leads to your sales team takes up more of their time than necessary. Sure, you’ve got a list of 500 people, but think about how long it will take sales to take action with all of them.

Also, you end up generating a lot less revenue and thus a lower ROI, as the majority of them are bottom feeders. So now you’ve wasted two of your organisations most precious resources: money & time.

What if we threw away this mindset and focused on a smaller group of high quality leads instead? Imagine building stronger, intimate relationships with the C-Suite in large companies that provide 6 to 7 figures in revenue, closing with a higher conversion rate. How would that affect your organisation’s bottom line?

When you pass down a large quantity of low quality leads to sales it ends up hurting everyone more than it helps. As a result, a handful of low value sales are made on a low conversion rate and targets are missed. Everyone’s time is wasted and this includes your own.

Imagine if you were to create a marketing system that built very high quality, intimate relationships with c-suite executives from large organisations, delivering millions of pounds worth of sales pipeline. How happy would everyone feel?

You can deliver value in a way that establishes these relationships just by focusing solely on one to two dozen C-Suite executives, establishing intimacy and focusing your value proposition around their challenges, goals and pains.

This new way of marketing and selling is effective because it scraps the old spray-and-pray methods most marketers adhere to and flips it on its head. Instead of high quantity, low quality leads we’re now working with a small number of high quality c-suite executives. These are people who are more likely to understand what we’re selling to them and yield a higher return on investment.

This new outlook comes with several challenges, including getting in front of the c-suite face-to-face in the first place. Our upcoming eBook will answer these challenges and show you have to build intimacy.

In the meantime, start analysing your current list and see how many leads are really qualified as high value revenue generators. Your findings may surprise you.

The Definitive Guide to C-Suite Marketing
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