Why Precision Marketing Isn’t Creepy & Actually Serves Your Audience

Segmentation and hyper-targeting has become a fairly easy task thanks to the amount of information we now have on our buyer personas, coupled with the technology available to us. However, many marketers are beginning to become afraid of crossing the line and coming across as too “creepy”.

When I browse an eCommerce site, place some items in my basket and abandon the cart, it’s no surprise that I begin to see display ads related to that very item in banners on Huffington Post and on the sidebars of Facebook – oftentimes at a discount that I would not have had previously.

Am I going to be tempted to head back and take advantage of that deal? Of course I am.

This is where precision marketing becomes a service, not a creepy stalking mechanism.

The same principles apply to B2B industries. I could be looking for a SaaS solution such as KISSmetrics and then see an advert for a free eBook that they’re offering in the sidebar as I watch a YouTube video. And although you’re promoting a B2B-aligned message, why not advertise on a consumer channel such as YouTube?

I’m still human, after all. So is the CEO you’re targeting. You can bet they’re watching cat videos and checking out their favourite band’s latest music video on YouTube just like the rest of us.

The more information we have about our customers the better we can serve them. Have you ever seen adverts that have absolutely no relevance to you whatsoever? We all have. How can we end this? By allowing ourselves to be more open.

The more information you have about your audience and buyer personas the better you can serve them. If you can identify a senior IT person within a large financial organisation who’s struggling with agile development, then you can offer them something that will help them with this specific problem.

It’s not creepy if you’re serving people. Precision marketing allows you to add more value and improve people’s businesses. It delivers a message that’s genuinely interesting to the person receiving it. That’s what precision marketing is.

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