Connect With the C-Suite by Being Independent

Targeting and connecting with the c-suite is one of the best ways to generate high value leads, but how do you get in front of them in the first place?

All across the c-suite, these executives have very limited time to deal with marketers and sales people who are trying to add value to their lives. The shield is up, and although you’re certain you can improve their business, they don’t know that yet.

The best way to remove this shield is to come from an independent stance.

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When a senior decision maker sees you communicate from the position of a company that sells goods and services in exchange for money they automatically become sceptical, shielded and closed to what you have to say to them.

Done correctly, by removing your organisation from the communication entirely you can position yourself from a place of value and authority.

The best way to reach this level of independence is by creating a club that focuses on the challenges and issues of the c-suite executives in your target industry.

The IT Innovators Club, for example, is a club that brings CTOs, CIOs and other senior IT decision makers together and discusses the challenges of driving IT innovation and growth within their organisations.

The club appears to be independent, but in reality it is run by an IT solutions company. They sponsor the club but they’re not the core focus. The focus is on the pains and challenges of these senior IT people.

This allows them to build a relationship based on intimacy with their target senior decision makers. Once intimacy has been established it’s then much easier for them to build a professional relationship.

Find out what the senior decision makers’ problems are within your target market and build an independent club, brand or other mechanism that delivers value.

Do this, and you can build an intimate relationship that puts you in a position where the c-suite will be dying to listen to how you can help them.

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