Focus on Quality for More Successful C-Suite Marketing Results

As marketers, we’re too often focused purely on the volume of leads we need to deliver to sales. Quantity is believed to be the key and thus we scale our marketing efforts up. But is this the best we could be doing?

Whether it’s our content efforts or display and search advertising, we always seem to focus on filling the top of the funnel as much as possible. The problem with this is that the leads we do get aren’t always of great quality and thus their value is low.

On top of this, the sales team is now inundated with a large bulk of leads that may simply be bottom feeders. Not to mention those leads that have little to no interest in what you’re offering in the first place.

The most effective form of lead generation is to flip the process around and focus on the quality of your leads rather than quantity.

There are several benefits to this:

1. You can focus on the ideal prospects and be hyper-personalised whilst being intimate with your messaging towards them.2. The sales pipeline value you deliver will yield a much, much greater ROI compared to most other marketing efforts.

2. Sales will love you and so will the c-suite within your own organisation

We’ve talked about getting to intimacy with the c-suite before, and the best way of achieving this is be building a personalised marketing approach along with face-to-face interactions.

Do this by being focused with who you’re talking to and coming from an independent standpoint and you’ll likely boost your success when generating sales from the c-suite within the organisations that you have your sights on the most.

The Definitive Guide to C-Suite Marketing
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